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Renewed Openings Create New Cleaning Opportunities

As the economy continues to reopen, pay attention to what types of businesses are set to reopen when, and what revisions they have to make. Then think of how you can help.

For example, I read that in Massachusetts, restaurants and retail outlets began reopening yesterday (June 8), along with playgrounds and outdoor fitness areas. But there are some pretty limited restrictions.

The restaurants in Massachusetts, for example, are limited to outdoor dining areas only. Some restaurants already offered this service, but others that have the space are setting tables and chairs outdoors for the first time ever. I've noticed that even here in my state of Arkansas where restaurants can have indoor patrons, many are adding outdoor dining as well -- likely to make up for the loss of having to keep patrons 6 feet apart. 

This is a great chance for pressure washing and soft washing services to approach these restaurants and help them get the building exteriors and flatwork clean and protected, not to mention the windows. Pressure washing or soft washing those surfaces with bleach will sanitize the surfaces, and you can add a little Clean and Shine into your window cleaning bucket to sanitize windows.

Playgrounds are another area that's reopening in Massachusetts. When COVID-19 first hit the U.S., several pressure washing and soft washing companies were cleaning and sanitizing for free, then getting media coverage for their efforts. However, at the time, playgrounds were closed off. Now, in many parts of the country, they are not. The compact, portable clever makes it easy to soft wash playgrounds and other structures. 

Whether you volunteer your cleaning services for playgrounds or charge a fee, now is the time to clean and sanitize. Some companies are posting yard signs with their company name and logo so people know who cleaned it. Some are even using signs that let you fill in the date of when the playground was last cleaned. All are good marketing.

Incidentally, yesterday was also the day that “personal services without close physical contact” – like window cleaning and soft washing – also reopened in Massachusetts. So it’s time to stock up on supplies and get busy.

The portable, compact ProTool Clever Spraying System makes soft washing simple, without the need for a pressure washer.