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Solar Panel Brushes Save Time On Big Cleaning Jobs

While smaller solar panels like you'll find on homes and some commercial buildings can be easily cleaned using the same waterfed pole equipment you already own for window cleaning, if you get into large solar panel cleaning jobs, you might want to consider using a rotary brush. 

Rotary solar brushes come in two different categories: hydrkinetically powered (i.e., water-powered) and electric powered.  Both offer considerable time savings in the cleaning operation performed on solar panels and building surfaces when compared to traditional fixed brushes.

Rotary solar panel brushes work by attaching a telescopic lance to a small pressure washer and water purification system. They come in different designs and lengths, and vary in cost.  Just like with water-fed pole brushes, the longer the solar panel brush diameter, the more area it cleans in one swoop, allowing you to work faster.  

These water-powered brushes can also be used on aluminum and vinyl siding. 

Counter Rotating Solar Brush 16in with Floating Brush System

This is a reasonably-priced system that has dual brushes that counter rotate, which helps with controlling the water-powered brushes on the solar panel. The floating brush system requires the use of a small pressure washer for power, then attaches to a telescopic wand. The floating system design automatically adjusts to the panel to increase efficiency and cleaning quality. 

  • Minimum Requirements: 435 PSI (30 BAR)
  • 2.3 gallons per minute consumption 9 LPM
  • 725 PSI (50 BAR) max working pressure

    For Pressure washing sizing, the brush's 2 tips (#3.5) are the same as a #7 tip in your Pressure washer. Pressure Washer Ratings could be:
  • 1500pst at 4.0 to 5.0 gpm
  • 2000psi at 3.5 to 4.0 gpm
  • 2500psi at 3.0 to 4.0 gpm
  • 3500psi at 2.5 to 3.25 gpm
  • 4000psi at 2.5 to 3.0 gpm

  • Rotary Brush (32 in. or 39 in.) 

    • Designed to clean solar panels, vinyl, and aluminum siding
    • Mobile, hand-operated unit designed to be controlled manually
    • Hydrokinetic brushes save considerable time compared to traditional brushes
    • Requirements: 580 psi at brush head max and 2.3 gallons per minute consumption
    • 600 to 700PSI (40 to 50 BAR) pressure at brush head max
      Max. Water Temperature: 104° F (40° C)
    • 2.3 to 3 Gallons per minute (9 to 11LPM) consumption

    Electric Powered Solar Brushes

    Qleen Rotating Brush Systems, which have been successfully used around the world, come with their own power supply and electric cord. We carry these systems in a variety of brush diameters: 16 in., 20 in., 23.5 in., and 30 in

    Qleen rotating brushes come in three colors, each of which is designed for a specific surface:

    • Red for solar panels
    • White for all Glass as well as Metal panels on curtain wall buildings
    • Blue for Building Facades, Truck, Bus Wash, and bus enclosures

    While the Qleen system is recommend for use with Lehmann Poles, it can also be adapted to other poles that we've tested, including Unger nLite and Gardiner.