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Turning COVID-19 into Work - Part 2

COVID-19 is causing cancellations left and right. We’ve been talking to those who have managed to stay busy and/or turn their cancellation calls into work.
If you didn’t catch our last email on the window cleaner that was able to pivot his message and turn his existing customer’s cancellations into work, don’t worry!

He have it right here for you. (link)
How a building cleaner turned around his cancellations into more work
We’ve been talking to some of our customers who have been coming in to our office consistently the last few weeks.

Here’s how a building cleaner who focuses on roof and side washing managed to increase his work flow.

He, as well as many others, received calls looking to cancel his regular work due to government work restrictions and social distancing mandates. He knew he could let his current business go so he rethought his message he was sending to his clients.

He was already there to spray bleach (SH) solution on the house so he knew he was already considered Essential Work. So he knew he needed to relay that information to his customers. But he wasn’t sure this would be enough. So he looked further into what he could do.

Spraying the roof and side was great, but he thought what if he could spray down more? So he wen’t for it. He included spraying down the exterior furniture in public spaces into his offering. He changed his message to his customers to a full exterior clean and sanitation.

He started spraying down:

-Patio furniture
-Doors and Door handles
-Front Porch
-Swing sets and play equipment
-Anything commonly used or touched on the property.

He changed his message. He went from cleaning, to cleaning and sanitizing your building. This turned his calls around from cancellations to essential work. His customers responded incredibly well and he was able to keep most of his work. His service is now a full cleaning and sanitation of the building. How do I incorporate this into my business?1) Investigate where essential services and companies are operating. Target them as customers. They need cleaning and sanitizing more than ever.

What Sectors are identified as essential critical infrastructure:

-Healthcare/Public Health
-Law Enforcement, Public Safety, First Responders
-Food and Agriculture
-Water and Wastewater
-Transportation and Logistics
Public Works
-Communications and Information Technology

Here is the full list of each sector in more detail.
2) Pivot your offerings. We are already cleaning surfaces, add in sanitation as an essential step to to your process.

3) Update your message. Include your new offerings in your message to your customers. We will sanitize your surfaces, inside and out. Explain the differences in cleaning and sanitizing and what you will do to sanitize their building.

4) Carry SH with you. Bring it along to the job, add it to your bucket.

If you haven’t seen our last two emails, here’s our resource center. They help provide important information on these topics.