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When Should Gutters be Cleaned?

Fall is one of the most popular times to clean gutters as they can become more clogged due to leaves, etc.

Fall and spring generally are the times of year when gutters become the most clogged due leaves, blooms, pine needles, etc. Those homes that have a lot of nearby foliage or are in areas with four distinct seasons generally need to be cleaned more often than those without.

Proper maintenance is less expensive in the long run than catastrophic failure. Maintaining gutters throughout the year not only will help prevent clogged gutter-related damage, it often costs less to have them cleaned should the homeowner hire a professional to do it.

Cleaned gutters not only help prevent problems with the home, they help promote a healthier home environment. And along those same lines, hiring a professional rather than doing it themselves is an investment in their family’s wellbeing. One slip from a ladder or roof could result in expensive medical bills, weeks off of work – or much worse.

To learn more about our recommended methods and tools for gutter cleaning, visit the JRC Guide to Gutter Cleaning.