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Which is better: an automatic carwash or washing your car at home?

Washing your car is important to keep it looking great, extending its life, and sustaining its resale value. While the easiest method may seem like simply running it through an automatic carwash, such as at the gas station, that’s typically not the best option. Let’s look at why:

Time: An automated carwash is relatively fast as long as you are already on or near the premises. Otherwise, at a minimum, it’s going to take you at least 15 minutes – a 5-minute drive to the carwash, a 5-minute drive through the carwash (assuming there’s no line), and a 5-minute drive back home. That’s if there’s a carwash close to you, if there’s no line, and if it’s not broken down. If it’s broken down – and gas station carwashes often are – then you either have to find another carwash, keep your dirty car, or go back home and wash it by hand.

Washing at home with the right tools – such as the Trifecta kit – takes about 30 minutes or less, and you know that it’s going to be up and running.

Cost: A basic wash at an automated carwash is going to cost an average of $10 depending on your location. If you wash your car at least twice a month, that’s $240 per year. That’s not counting the cost of gas to get to and from the carwash. The Trifecta Carwash Kit is just a little more than that and provides you with a better, safer, spot-free clean. It essentially pays for itself the first year.

Quality of Clean: Automatic carwashes that use brushes, sponges, or other equipment that touches your car are just not good for your car. They wash cars covered in dirt, grime, and other contaminants, and those contaminants get stuck in the brushes, then land on your car. That can lead to scratches and swirls, not to mention just not getting your car clean.

An automatic carwash also doesn’t pay special attention to hard-to-remove contaminants, like bird droppings. It simply repeats the same timed wash over and over, and if something doesn’t get removed before time runs out, you’re just out of luck.

By washing at home, you are in control. You can provide extra attention to problem spots. You know the water is clean. You control which cleaning chemicals are used. And when using the Unger Rinse ‘n Go, you get a spot-free rinse.

The Trifecta Carwash Kit

All you need for a spot-free car wash at home, all for a price you can afford!

Now you can wash your vehicle it quickly, easily, and spot-free, all at an amazingly affordable price. While each item can be purchased individually, you'll save by purchasing the Trifecta Kit, which includes all you need for the perfect at-home wash every time!

Unger Rinse & Go 

ProTool Wash Sprayer

ProTool Shine Up 

The Power House: ProTool Wash Sprayer

The perfect at-home car wash starts with the right water and soap delivery system. The ProTool Wash Sprayer provides better pressure than your garden hose, but is not a pressure washer, so you’re not risking potentially damaging the surface.