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Which Water Fed Pole Is Best for Solar Panel Cleaning?

Choosing the right WFP for solar panel cleaning is a lot like choosing the right water-fed pole for window cleaning.

The biggest issues to consider are how many solar panel arrays you are cleaning and where they are located. You need to have a pole that will reach the arrays.

Example 1: 

These panels are about a 6x6 foot panel assembly and reachable from the ground. A 10-foot pole should be more than enough.

Example 2:

Residential panels are generally slightly larger than 3x5 feet. When estimating the height/length of the panels, it’s easiest just to round to 5 feet. In this case, there are four 5-foot panels, making it 20 feet plus a little extra.

This job is also on a pitched roof, which means you will have to stand back further to access. A 35 to 40-foot pole, like the Gardiner 39-Ft SLX, should keep you in a safe range. The Gardiner SLX 39 is a great, affordable option  that's also perfect for lo

If you plan to clean low to mid-rise commercial buildings, the Gardiner SLX 39 is a great, affordable option. It’s also perfect for low to mid-rise commercial windows, for larger residential homes. or residences with walkouts, hills, basements, or dropdown or bush problems.

Example 3:

For this job, you will not be able to access these carport solar arrays from the ground. Most people generally use a lift in these types of situations. Each solar panel is about 3 feet, and since there are 8 of them, you know it’s about 24-feet total. Using a 30-foot pole, like the Super Max 27-foot 3K, is a safe option.

The new Super Max 27-foot 3k is the best pole on the market for residential and low-rise cleaners wanting a strong pole that's still lightweight, weighing just 3.7 pounds. 

What about Solar Panel Cleaning Brushes? 

While when cleaning windows, the goal is to keep your WFP as light as possible, for solar panel cleaning, the brush needs to have a little weight to it to help keep it on the glass. 

For larger projects, we also offer specialized water-powered brushes that attach to a pressure washer, helping to clean large solar arrays faster.