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Why Stores Need Exterior Windows Sanitized in a Post Covid-19 Economy

As retail stores begin to reopen, many are putting limits on how many customers can be in a store at one time. Some larger chains, like grocery stores, have dedicated staff outside keeping track of how many customers are coming and going. But a lot of smaller stores can’t afford to do this.

For example, this past weekend, I ran into Game Stop to pick up something for my daughter. The sign on the door said only 5 customers were allowed in at a time. While I was checking out, an older lady and what looked to be her young granddaughter came into the store – only there were already 4 customers inside so they were asked to wait outside. As they waited, I could see them both leaning against the glass, mask off, peering in to see if anyone was getting ready to leave.

My guess is they were not the first to do look through the glass that way, and they were probably far from the last. I could just picture little COVID germ droplets spreading on that glass window and door – then staying there for up to 4 days.

While the store’s staff is doing mandatory disinfection throughout the day, they may not be thinking exterior windows – but my Game Stop experience told me they probably should be. If you do route or other commercial work, be sure to bring this problem up when selling your services. By adding just a little bit of Clean and Shine to your bucket, you can promote that you are not only cleaning the windows, but also sanitizing against the germs that are spread by people looking in while waiting their turn to enter.