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Angle Adapter for HiFlo Unger

Quick Overview

  • Plastic angle adapter with simple screw adjustment
  • Simple to adjust
  • Fits all nLite Brushes and euro thread accessories

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Item #: 67-230  UPC : 761475624282  MPN : FTGOS



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Increase your reach and your angle with Unger's wide variety of waterpole goosenecks. They feature European threads to pair perfectly with your favorite waterpole and brush.

The Unger HiFlo MultiLink Adjustable Gooseneck is 3 inches with Euro threads and an easy to adjust angle with screw adjustment.The angle adaptor is used with the Unger Carbon-Tec Telescopic and HiiFlo Advanced Poles.

Have an Unger Carbon-Tec Pole?

In order to use the HiFlo MultiLink Goosenecks and accesories you will need to change your Carbon-Tec Water-Fed pole's end tip with a different item: the Carbon-Tec HiFlo Adaptor.