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  • Angle Adaptor Resi-Neck 2 Std


Gardiner Pole Systems

Angle Adaptor Resi-Neck 2 Std

Quick Overview

  • Combine with an extension pole to use tools and brushes in hard-to-reach areas
  • Euro Universal threaded end fits any standard pole and brushes
  • Can be combined with other adapters to create more unique angles
  • Great for high and hard-to-reach jobs Set and lock in 13 different working angles
  • Suitable for use with painting tools, window cleaning tools and dusters

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Angle Adaptor Resi-Neck 2 Std

Need a deeper reach on your waterfed pole? Try the angle adapter. Euro threaded to fit most poles and brushes.

If added onto your standard angle adapter, you can create unique angles and get deeper into recessed windows.

Angle Adapter is attached between your extension pole and whatever threaded tool you are using. It has a 270 degree rotation to fit any angle need and can lock in 13 different positions.

Also, check out this video on even more ways to use this adapter to clean those tough to reach windows: