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Ball Valve Inline for 5/16 (8mm) Water Fed Pole Hose

Quick Overview

  • Works great for standard water fed pole hose - 5/16"
  • Allows you to control the flow of water for you water fed pole hose
  • Simple operation with an easy to use handle
  • Simple installation and tight fit

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Item #: 150-1106  MPN : SH-566



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This is an obsolete Item

Use this inline ball valve to shut off the flow in your water fed pole line. 3/16" (4.7MM)  barb creates a tight fit with 5/16" (8mm) water fed pole hose. 

No clamp is necessary, although always encouraged.

This is a 1/4 turn ball valve with no stop, it rotates 360 degrees.

When handle is in line with hose the flow is full/open

When the handle is 90 degrees from the hose the flow is stopped 

When the handle is in between those the flow is regulated

Installation Instructions:

  1. Heat up the hose end with hot water for roughly 10 seconds. 
  2. Work hose onto hose barb all the way. 
  3. (optional) Add in a clamp to secure the hose to the barb.