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Brush Bumper Superlite/Ultimate/Xtreme Gardiner

Quick Overview

  • Fits all standard Supreme Brushes
  • Fitted and removed in seconds
  • Weight 20g

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Item #: 158-4114  UPC : 669893921443



 Available Mid July
This is an obsolete Item
  • White Rubber Brush Bumper
  • Protects the stock edges of  Super-LiteĀ® and Ultimateā„¢ brushes, especially useful on historic or delicate windows
  • Prevents stock edge wear for use on masonry window reveals
  • Fitted and removed in seconds - will need to be stretched to fit brush.
  • To do this dip in near boiling water for 10 seconds prior to fitting
  • Can be glued on if required
  • Weight 20g
  • Please note: Does not include the brush it is shown fitted to