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Cartridge Empty 2.5in x 10in Blue

Quick Overview

  • Refillable, Empty Filter Cartridge for DI Resin to support several RODI systems that are commonly available
  • Use the Cartridge to hold DI Resin or other media to be able to complete a quick swap of the cartridge in the field for less downtime
  • Once filled with Media store the filled cartridge in a Plastic Bag to retain the freshness of the DI Resin or other media

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Cartridge Empty 2.5in x 10in Blue

The blue cap is removable to allow the cardridge to be filled with your media of choice.

Generally used to hold DI Resin maeida for water purification.

Store the filled media in an airtight plastic bag to retain freshness of the mdeia

It is common for aservice vehicle with an RO-DI system onboard to keep two of these container filled with Di Resin media on the vehicle to be able to perform quick DI Resin swaps and reduce downtime