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Channel Cobra 40° w/ Plugs 16in

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Quick Overview

  • Grooved channel allows you to adjust blade stiffness and to squeegee with minimum pressure
  • Plastic ends wont scratch window frames
  • High quality aluminum alloy provides lightness and rigidity, providing even pressure along squeegee
  • High quantity of different sizes available
  • Interior and exterior clips keep rubber in place

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Sörbo Cobra 40 degree with End Plugs Squeegees is adjustable with 4 settings, which makes it possible to reduce firmness when cleaning windows as high as a 45ft / 13 meters building. 

It also angles conform to vinyl trim around glass.  The grooved design of the channel allows you to adjust blade stiffness and to squeegee with minimum pressure.

Sörbo squeegee channels are extruded high quality aluminum alloy. As a result, they're extraordinarily rigid and strong, but lightweight, allowing them to be manufactured in lengths previously impossible. Because of their rigidity, they apply even pressure from end to end, assuring streak free windows.

The squeegee rubber is secured with one interior and one exterior end clip. The interior clip is incorporated in the same end, left side, as the Sörbo 3x4 Logo. Replacement rubber is inserted from the opposite side.  Inserting rubber into outer grooves gives a softer squeegee for larger windows.

The Sörbo Cobra Squeegee with the 40 degree Angle Safety End Plugs is the safest squeegee on the market with very unique characteristics. Due to it's special end plugs, it is practically impossible to scratch glass and frames. If you do extension pole work this channel will be a big benefit .

A word from the manufacturer:

Picture yourself cleaning a window on the 3rd floor of a building and imagine the vinyl seal that surrounds the window frame. Sometimes this will distort the rubber blade and leave water behind. This can be prevented by cutting the rubber blade roughly a 1/4" shorter than the channel which will be 1/8" shorter in each end when centered. Now picture the safe polypropylene end plug gliding safely against the frame without scratching and the rubber blade sliding against the window without bending. (See Fig. 1) You can also trim the corner off for a better fit at a 35 degree angle.(See Fig. 2)

Remember that the plug closest to the Sörbo 3x4 Logo has a tighter opening that will keep the rubber blade secured in the channel. Always insert the rubber blade in the opposite end which is open. If an end clip is needed, insert on the back side where the angle is furthest from the end of the channel end plug.

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