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Channel Eliminator 72in Sorbo

Item #: 02-4724  MPN : 1072



Quick Overview

  • Each swipe removes the same amount of water as 5 window cleaners using an 18” channel
  • Lightweight and excellent for large storefronts
  • Sizes range from 48"(120cm) to 78"(195cm)
  • The 78"(195cm) weighs only 3 lbs

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This is an obsolete Item

You'll never do those big storefronts any faster than with the Eliminator. These channels are the most efficient in the Sörbo arsenal. Sizes range from 48"(120cm) to 78"(195cm). With this squeegee you can do as much work as 5 window cleaners* using an 18"(45cm) with every stroke. Excellent for pole work and cleaning large storefronts.

The 78"(195cm) weighs only 3 lbs.(1.5 kg.).

*Based on the 78 inch Eliminator

The Eliminator - For large storefronts