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  • Cleano Indoor



Cleano Indoor

Quick Overview

  • Reduces labor up to 50%.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce back strain.
  • Allows safe working from the ground.
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemicals.
  • Economical and eliminates chemical costs.

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Item #: 150-2

$65.00 - $839.00

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The Hydro Clean&trade, indoor ultra pure water cleaning system is for indoor glass and non-porous surfaces. It combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber in a light, compact, and entirely mechanical tool (no cords, no batteries, etc). , The Hydro Clean keeps glass clean longer. , With no chemical residue being left behind on the glass dirt will not be attracted reducing the frequency of cleaning intervals. Fill with pure water from HydroTube&trade, Hydro Cart *, or* Ready Pure systems.