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  • Controller Pump 15 Amp 12v - V16



Controller Pump 15 Amp 12v - V16

Quick Overview

  • Pump Controller for managing up to 15amp 12v pumps
  • Reduces wear on a pump compared to a mechanical flow restrictor
  • Easy change of flow rate and minimal excess water usage
  • Electronic detectors and indicators
  • Reverse Polarity Protection removes wiring worry

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Item #: 150-5440  MPN : V11 Std



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Pump Controller for managing up to 15 amp 12v pumps V16

Industry standard 15 amp (typically 1 GPM to 3 GPM ) pump controller reduces wear on the pump especially when compared to a mechanical flow constrictor, such as a ball valve. 

V16 offers the next level in Pump Controllers from Spring includes these features: 

Improved Pump Management with Pump Smoothing Technology

Improved Current Management

Polarity Protection the controller will not be damaged if wired incorrectly.

Reducing pump speed reduces power used and mechanical wear.

Fine control of the water flow rates means water use is kept to a minimum, allowing you to complete more jobs on the same tank. Unit comes with necessary wires and wiring diagram.

  • Controls 12v pump
  • Powered by 12v battery
  • Indicates battery voltage
  • Allows user to change flow rate 0-99
  • Dead end detection
  • Low battery indication / protection
  • Pressure switch detection