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Counterweight for Freestanding Anchor

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Weights for the freestanding counterweight anchor which provides a tie-off point for personnel performing work on flat roofs or structures....

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Item #: 99-906  UPC : 840779003044  MPN : 7200439



This is an obsolete Item
  • Non penetrating design does not attach to working surface, reducing the possibility of damage.
  • Built-in shock absorbing post provides added safety to user and structure.
  • Fall arrest and restraint rated for one worker for jobsite versatility.
  • Approved for use on these roof types: concrete, single ply membrane, bitumen membrane, asphalt sanded and asphalt stone chippings.
  • Ideal for use on flat surfaces up to a maximum of 5 degrees slope/pitch
  • Counterweights are 45 lbs (20.3 kg) and come with an integral carrying handle for easy transport and set up.
  • Safe and Secure Anchor
    The freestanding counterweight anchor provides a tie-off point for personnel performing work on fl at roofs or structures. The anchor is fall arrest rated and can be used as a single anchor point system. After set-up, simply attach your shock absorbing lanyard, self retracting lifeline or rope grab and lifeline and you are ready to go.

    Non-Penetrating Design
    This anchor is a counter- weight type, simply placed on top of the working surface. Weighted bases are added to rubber trays that are connected to a shock absorbing tie-off post. The anchor’s freestanding design installs without penetrating the roof sheathing or surface, saving valuable time and money. In addition, the design reduces the possibility of surface damage, roof leaks and voided roof warranties.

    Specialized Load Distributing Design
    This anchor incorporates a revolutionary shock absorbing system called LEAP™. The LEAP™ post (with tie-off point) has an integral energy absorber that deploys in a controlled manner to absorb the forces generated during a fall. This specialized design provides added safety to the attached worker and better distributes the forces to the anchor and structure. By limiting the forces this way, the integrity of the roof is also preserved.

    Easy Installation
    Installation of the anchor system is simple, fast and efficient. Due to its modular design, the installer will never have to lift more than 45 lbs. (20.3kg). In some applications, the entire system can be lifted (by forklift or crane) into place for instant set-up and use.