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Ettore AquaClean Clamps

Quick Overview

  • Replacement clamp for the section indicated to replace a broken clamp.
  • Increase pole length for easy cleaning purpose.
  • Made up of a strong material which provides extra sturdiness.

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Item #: 110-10M

$8.55 - $10.40

This is an obsolete Item

Size Selection

5 options available.

Replacement clamps for Aquaclean poles.

Replace the clamp for the poles if they get worn out or if you want to increase the length of the pole.

Eliminate the use of ladder to reach out high point areas.

Avoid stretching or bending your back for cleaning purposes. 

Item #:110-11M

$11.40 - $17.25

Item #:110-1M

$3.30 - $6.00