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  • Foam Polishing Pad 5in
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Foam Polishing Pad 5in

Quick Overview

  • Foam Pad Gross Polishing Pad for Glass, Car Polishing, Granite maintenence and care
  • This 5in (125mm) Foam Polish Pad is firm to allow quick work of removing stains, swirl marks, small scratchs from Glass and auto surfaces
  • Attach the pad to a 5in pad holder and use a drill or powered polisher to polish the surface
  • Used to polish our small scratches or remove hard water stains in the corners of glass,
  • This Orange pad is on the more agressive side for quick removal of hard water stains and light scratches

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Foam Polishing Pad 5in - 125 mm Orange

Polishing pads do not polish the surface by themselves.

They are the base platform for the cerium oxide to adhere to, this Orange pad is on the more aggressive side to make quick work of removing stains and light scratches and swirl marks.

Mix 1 part of cerium with 2 part water in a small squirt bottle and squeeze small amounts of the slurry into the center of your polishing pad as you work the pad on the surface. 

Use just enough water to keep your pad moist as you work so you don’t burn the cerium onto your glass. 

Don’t use very much cerium on the pad as too much cerium will begin to act as a lubricant instead of a polish.

Polishing Sponge Pads are perfect for polishing and buffing.

Great for polishing cars, van, glass, stone, ceramic, etc.

Suitable for coarse polishing and fine polishing.

Item Condition: New

Material: Foam Sponge

Color: Orange 

Diameter:125mm/5" (Approx.)

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