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  • Guard for Rotary Brush 32in 80cm 2 Hole
  • Guard for Rotary Brush 32in 80cm 2 Hole Image 1



Guard for Rotary Brush 32in 80cm 2 Hole

Quick Overview

  • Guard is attached to the rotating brush 32in - 80CM
  • This version allows placement on the brush so the brush may turn in either direction based upon the hole choice used
  • Rotary hydrokinetically brushes offer considerable time savings in the cleaning operation performed on solar panels and building surfaces

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Item #: 159-140  UPC : 669893934191  MPN : HSLR8-P



 Available Early April
This is an obsolete Item

Guard for Rotary Brush 32in (80cm) 2 Hole

Aluminum splash guard for 159-135 Water Powered Brush 32in

This splash guard is used is designed to help when cleaning from the bottom up and to reduce splash back when the panels or building surfaces being cleaned are in close proximity to the operator

This new version has two mounting holes to allow the brush to be operated in either direction.