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H2Pro RODI Pure Water Cart System

Quick Overview

  • Water Powered Purification System Featuring an RO Membrane and DI Resin Filtration
  • This system has 30in x 4in filter cartidges for the Carbon and DI Resin filtration that offer long service life
  • The RO membrane is a specific design unique from RHG Systems that offers great flow with excelent rejection rates
  • Stainless Steel housings allow for easy filter cartridge changes

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H2Pro RODI Pure Water Cart 

New and Improved Stainless Steel design:
  • More Stable base for easier transport
  • Changed the top handle for easier transport
  • Filter changes are easier to accomplish
  • Same long term performance

The 30in x 4in Filter Housings offer long service intervals between filter changes. Typically once a year on the Carbon filter and three times more life on the DI than most systems


  • (1) 30in Carbon Filter
  • (1) 40in Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes
  • (1) 30in Deionization
  • (DI) FilterInlet/Outlet Fittings

  • (RO) Bybass valve for RO Cleaning of
  • Solar Panels, Awnings and RO Premeate flush.
  • (RO) Waste water valve
  • EZ Click Clamps
  • Red Powdercoated Frame
  • Wheels for portability
  • Weight (dry) 68lbs
  • Pressure Guage


No pump included. It is recommended that a pump is used with this unit to boost water pressure and extend the life of the RO membranes.

Dimensions: 50" tall by 20" wide by 16" deep