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Hose 5/16in Clear Braided

Quick Overview

  • High Pressure Braid Reinforced Clear PVC Tubing.
  • 200psi rating, 600psi burst Clear Braid Hose
  • 1/4in threaded ends on hose
  • Commercial Quality Supply Hose for Spraying, Wate Fed Pole Operator
  • Temperature range: 32°f to 140°f

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Item #: 150-0DM

$90.80 - $284.25

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Hose 1/4in Clear Braided Continental

Industrial Clear Braided PVC Hose

Clear Braided hose is easier to use and manage around a work site. Lighter than rubber hoses, yet durable.

Includes 1/4in male npt fittings

Rated 200psi working pressure and 600psi burst.

1/4in hose in commercial cleaning is typically used for spraying lines from the service vehicle out to the work surface.

Clear braided PVC hose can used for a variety of light duty, non-potable water, diluted chemicals, or other applications across various industries. NOT for use in food grade applications, potable water. Made of high purity compounds for a long lasting hose in commercial use. Clear Braid