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  • Micro Jet Rinse Bar 10in  Gardiner
  • Micro Jet Rinse Bar 10in  Gardiner Image 88


Gardiner Pole Systems

Micro Jet Rinse Bar 10in Gardiner

Quick Overview

  • Provides a rinse-bar effect over the brush
  • Fully adjustable and lockable angle
  • Fits any brush with a Quick-LoQ socket
  • Provides over-bristle micro jet rinsing, and can be used in tandem with internal brush jets
  • 16 microjets provide precise and gentle rinsing

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Item #: 157-40471


This is an obsolete Item

  • Allows for Rinsebar effect rinsing over the brush
  • Fully adjustable lockable angle - have the water hitting the glass/bristles exactly where you want it
  • Fits any brush with a Quick-LoQ socket
  • Takes two Fanjets to provide full brush width rinsing
  • Low profile design does not impact brush use
  • Robust impacting point
  • Lightweight - Rinsebar & Clamp weighs 18g
  • 16 micro jets provide precise but gentle rinsing with brush on the glass
  • Fits between brush and brush socket on any standard width (26cm) Gardiner brush (not the Sill brush or Supreme)
  • Provides over-bristle micro jet rinsing
  • Flow rate is half that of the standard micro-jet rinse-bar and about equivalent to standard pencil or Fanjets - recommended 1.5 - 2lpm
  • Jet angle is 3° higher than standard rinsebar to allow for lower flow rates
  • Height of jets can be adjusted
  • Can be used with internal brush jets as well
  • Lightweight at 41g
  • Uses John Guest connections on unit
  • Uses standard Brush T Connector and jet hose - optional extra
  • Needs 2 longer screws to allow it to be attached between brush body and brush socket (if used on standard brushes, will need 19mm screws)
  • Please note: The rinse bar does not come with the brush & gooseneck pictured