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Moerman Fixed T-Bar

Quick Overview

  • Bi-component and ergonomic handle
  • Secure grip even when wet
  • Multiple cavities - increased water retention
  • Fastens securely to locking cone on extension pole

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Item #: 10-81M

$6.80 - $7.70

This is an obsolete Item

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Moerman Fixed T-Bar

 The superior plastic T-Bar from Moerman is a clever option for any application.

The Bi-Component handle feels natural and comfortable to hold with its ergonomic shaped anti-slip handle.

The fixed T-Bar fastens securely to the locking cone on Moerman extension poles.

Durable and very easy to use.

T-Bar 18in Ergonomic Moerman

Item #:12-810
Regular Price: $31.00
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