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Nozzle Brass 1/4in Tips for Softwashing

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  • 40 Nozzle Brass 1/4in 65deg SoapTip 4065

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Item #: 74-5CM

$4.35 - $5.75

This is an obsolete Item

Tip Degree Selection

2 options available.

Brass Tips for Flowing Soap mixes.

Typically while Downstreaming from your Pressure Washer

Installed into a dual lance wand

Dual Lance Wand is used to "dump" pressure out to the soap tip.

In a Downstreaming setup this will lower the pressure in the line and the Downstream will start adding soap into the pressure washer hose to allow the mix to spread on the target.

When done soaping turn the handle to full Pressure on the smaller tip and spray rinse water.