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  • Pencil Jets - Medium Flow (ea)



Pencil Jets - Medium Flow (ea)

Quick Overview

  • Equip this pencil jet to achieve greater water flow from your Euro Brush
  • Easily interchangeable to match desired water flow
  • Can be adjusted to fit the size of your brush

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Item #: 150-1051  UPC : 669893916074  MPN : HM-3



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This is an obsolete Item

Use this pencil jet when you want more water flow out of your Euro brush.

You can add these to your existing brush or replace your existing pencil jets with these jets that flow more.

In some cases you may switch to shorten the side that is installed into the brush so that the tip does not extend through too far, this depends on the thickness of the brush you are using.

Use a 13/64 drill bit to drill a new hole the brush. Has a 3/16 barb for 5/16 pole hose