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Pressure Gauge w/fittings for Regulator

Quick Overview

  • 0 to 160 psi gauge
  • Tamper proof locking adjustment knob

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Item #: 74-8221  UPC : 669893934542  MPN : MAN



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This is an obsolete Item

Pressure Gauge w/fittings for Regulator

0 to 160 psi gauge and tamper proof locking adjustment knob for pressure regulator

This is a high quality dry pressure gauge designed to provide reliable service on non-corrosive and clean medium applications. This product is widely used in manufacturing or processing industrial, especially for pneumatics process, fabrication, compressed gas and common industrial application.

Design Material

Casing and Bezel Ring: Steel; Chromed steel; Plastic
Sensing Element: Alloy
Connection: Brass
Window: Acrylic plastic; Instrument glass
Window gasket: Plastic
Pointer: Black painted aluminum
Dial Plate: Aluminum alloy