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ProTool 100/50 Blend & Rinse System

Quick Overview

  • The Blend and Rinse system is configured to allow the oprator to spray a surfactant and SH (Bleach) Solution at the Percentage Mix intended for the cleaning task at hand
  • The 100 Gallon Tank is used to store SH, SH is typically at a 12.5% Strength for Building Cleaning when spraying chemical the Left Metering Valve on the console controls blending
  • The 50 Gallon Tank is a water tank that buffers the tap water supply from the building. The Blend/Spray Pump and the High Volume Rinse Pump both draw from this tank
  • The soap stinger is a suction device we make that connects easily to the Blend head, and will pull from a 5-gallon bucket that contains the Detergent/Surfactant used in cleaning
  • There are two Pumps the Blend/Chemical Spray Pump is a 12v 5 GPM at 60psi and the High Volume Water Rinse Pump is a 7 GPM at 100psi Pump for faster rinsing

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ProTool 100/50 Blend & Rinse System

This is an easy to use Softwash Skid Sprayer that is supported by the best technoledgies in spraying by Disruptor Manufacturing. 

The soap stinger is a suction device we make that is connected to the Detergent Valve and will pull your detergent/surfactant from a 5 gallon bucket blending the detergent into the cleaning solution streem via the Detergent/Surfactant Blend Valve.

The SH (bleach) metering valve allows you to set the desired percentage of SH ans therefore the strength of the solution coming out of the wand. 

The 100/50 Blend and Rinse will do all the mixing for you, this allows you to focus your attention on the building you are cleaning. 


High Volume Rinse Pump

More water makes the rinse go faster.

7 Gallon per Minute 100psi Rinse Pump

More water flow than a typical water bib attached to the structure

Blend Mixing Valves

Left is the SH Blending Valve, 

Note: When finished spraying SH it is important to set the Metering Valve to Zero to Rinse the Chemical Pump of SH 

Right is the Detergent/Surfactant Blending Valve.

The Stinger is used with the Right Blending Valve to meter the Detergent from 1 oz. to 5 oz per gallon

275 feet of 5/8 Clear Braid Delivery Hose

5/8in clear braid offer the best capacity for flow

The Stinger is to draw the Detergent/Surfactant from your 5 Gallon Pail

Pump Switch to send Chemical Blend or or Rinse Water to the Reel

Spray Tips for Chemical And Rinse Spray

Chem Tips: 0020 Stream and 0040 Fan

Rinse Tips: 0060 Stream and 4060 Fan

Stinger draw tube is used to draw Detergent/Surfactant Chemicals into the Spraying stream

Here the Stinger resides in a 5 gallon bucket of chemical, the black bulb primes the metering valve.

Settings for Chemical Blending

Dials Indicator for Blending SH and Chemicals

Turn the Metering Valve to the Number indicated to Blend the Chemical and SH Soulution your Job requires

The ProTool Blend and Rinse Softwash Skid Sprayer arrives  via truck delivery on a pallet and ready to be loded into the back of your truck. We reccomend a forklift is available to load the sprayer into the truck,


  • 57in long Skid Mount 
  • Reel Stand included Battery Knoclouts
  • 18in U-Frame Titan Stainless and Aluminum Reel
  • 275 feet of 5/8 inch Clear Braid Hose
  • Spray Wand with 4 Tips (2 Chemical, 2 Rinse)

     Chem Tips: 0020 Stream and 0040 Fan

     Rinse Tips: 0060 Stream and 4060 Fan

  • 100 Gallon SH Holding Tank Straped to Skid
  •  50 Gallon Tap Water Buffer Tank Strapped
  • 5 Gallon per minute 60 psi 12v Chemical Spray Pump
  • 7 Gallon per minute 100psi 12v High Volume Rinse Pump  
  • SH Metering Valve for Blending Bleach
  • 2nd Metering Valve with Stinger draw Tube for Blending in Deterget Surfactant
  • Power Selector Switch for Pump 1 and Pump 2 
  • All Plumbed and Bolted to the Skid ready to fill and start cleaning.
  • Dimensions: 40in Wide x 58in Long x 52in High


Be sure to Label your SH Tank with a Transportation Label where is can easily be seen, have your SDS Sheet for the SH and the other chemicals printed and available in the vehicle

Safety and Transportation 

Label your SH Tank in an Area that can easily be seen from outside the vehicle.

The Labels on the 5 Gallon Chemical Pails will be sufficient for the Detergents/Surfactants

Keep a file of every Chemical loaded on the vehicle withing arms reach for easy access 

Make PPE Available to the operators 

Masks for Spraying SH, Saftey Equipment for Access to the Structure or Lift, a First Aid Kit, etc, Review your safety plan

Battery Recommendation

We reccomend that you setup the battery to be able to be charged by your vehicles charging system via the use of a battery isolator charger or better a 12vDC to DC  30amp or larger Battery Charger available at Amazon.com

Highlights for Setting up the Job(s)

Before you Leave...  Is your battery Charged?

Do you have enough SH in the Tank for your scheduled workload?

Do you have enought Detergent/Surfactant Chemical on the Truck?

Connect the ProTool Blend 100/50 Sprayer Skid to the Tap Water source at the job site.

Turn on the Water Source to start filling the Buffer Tank

Here 100ft of clear Braid style water hose and the Quick Coupler are used to connect.

Set the Metering Valves to the Blend Rate

Use the Stinger to Draw the Detergent you are using on this job.

Drop it into the 5 Gallon Pail through the cap hole

Squeeze the Black Bulb to Prime the Detergent up to themetering valve

Spray down the foliage with water from a garden hose sprayer, rinse again afterward

We suggest the use of Plant Wash for an extra level of protection

How to protect Plants while Softwashing

Plant Wash 25lb Pail

Start Cleaning

Unreel your Hose from the Skid to the whork area and switch the Power Switch to the Chemical Spray Pump and clean... 

NOTE: Blending SH and Detergent into the hose reel with this ProTool sprayer should not be confused with another method known as downstream injection. Down streaming uses a Pressure washer to drive the water delivery to the spray nozzles and a venturi injector that draws the detergent from the 5 gallon bucket into line to wash exteriors. Down Streaming is an effective spraying method but comes with the cost of gas engine noice and often a lower mix ration capability at a distance, the further you are spraying from the pressure washer the less effective down streaming is at mixing chemicals.