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ProTool Cartridge Empty 4.5in x 10in

Quick Overview

  • Media Cartridge holds granular media, great for DI Resin
  • Cartridge is for the 4.5 x 10in Housing
  • End Caps with particulate filters to keep the media in the cartridge
  • Cartridge is installed in the Housing per the Directional Arrow and the Hole on the top with Gasket
  • Plastic End Caps and Housing Tubes offer long service life

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Item #: 150-0529  UPC : 00669893017559



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This is an obsolete Item

Cartridge Insert for 4.5 in x 10in Housing

Cartridge is generally used for DI Resin.

this Cartridge is sold EMPTY and it fits into the  Housing for 4.5 x 10 Filter media 


Twist open the blue Top to the Container to add new DI Resin

For Window Cleaning switch out the resin when Total Dissolved Solid rises to 10 TDS on your TDS meter.

Many operators will have a few cartridge prefilled with Resin and have a complete DI Resin filled cartridge ready to swap in the field.

Then later they refill the spent cartridges from Bulk DI Resin bags in their shop when it is more convenient.
Note: DI Resin goes stale like Bread... and almost as quickly if left exposed to the air.

Always store DI Resin filled Cartridges in a Plastic Bag,  A garbage bag with the top taped up will suffice.

And Keep your Bulk Resin sealed up as well.

Both top and Bottom Cap are Removable for Filling

Bottom is the closed End 

Bottom cap  is closed and sealed

Cartridge is Inserted into Housing with the Hole and White Gasket on top

Gently Place the Cartridge into the Housing, (Housing not Included)

Insure the Cartridge is Centered and the Gasket is Centered, (Housing not Included)
A view of the Bottom of the Cartridge in the housing. (Housing not Included)

Cartridge Shown installed in Housing, Housing not included