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ProTool Power Up Soap 1/2 Gal

Quick Overview

  • High Active Powerful Engine Cleaner
  • Quickly Removes Grease and Cuts through Grime
  • High Foaming
  • Easy Rinse
  • Concentrate

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ProTool Power Up is the ideal engine cleaning and degreasing soap that is safe on you engine and great for cleaning the greasy and grimey areas.

Highly Active

Highly active cleaning properties for intense cleaning action on those tough grease and grime jobs.

Power Clean

Powerful cleaning action to restore engine bays to like new!

Quickly removes Grease and Grime.

High Foaming properties for quick cleaning of dirty areas. No need to sit around and wait for it to work.

Works GREAT with the ProTool Wash Sprayer!


  1. Add 1-2 oz. of Wash Up to the ProTool Wash Sprayer Foamer Gun for excellent results, or add 2-4 oz per gallon of water in a bucket and mix well to work up suds. For High Foaming action, use 2-4 OZ of Wash Up in the Foamer Gun.

  2. Pre-wet car with a hose to remove excess dirt and to cool the surface.

  3. Apply Wash Up via the ProTool Foamer gun or via sponge/applicator. If suds dry on the surface re apply soap.

  4. Agitate dirty areas with a sponge where necessary.

  5. Rinse off soap for a nice shine. Use the Rise and Go for a touchless and spot-free dry.