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Pulex Channel Alumax

Quick Overview

  • Made of high quality and aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy.
  • Alumax Channels work with most wide channel handles
  • Rigid and lightweight.
  • Cleans Large Glass Panels quickly
  • Includes Rubber Squeegee Blade

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Item #: 02-31M

$11.90 - $27.90

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Alumax Channel

The Alumax Squeegee channel is made of high quality and aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy. 

The Alumax channel is rigid, lightweight and easy to use.  Alumax Channels work with the most wide body handles.

The Alumax squeegee channel is made from a high-impact aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy.

Designed for use with the Pulex professional swivel handle this channel saves the window cleaner time when cleaning large windows.

The Alumax can do the work in 1/3 of the time of classic channels, easily cleaning the window surface uniformly end to end. 

The Alumax channel ensures effortless and error fee operation and results in a perfectly streak-free surface. 

The ends of the Alumax channel are rounded and non-scratch for use close up to the window frame.

Alumax channel includes a rubber squeegee blade

Alumax Channel

Rubber is Clipped into the Alumax Channel


The ends of the Alumax channel are rounded

Window Cleaners love Pulex Squeegees for cleaning glass and mirrors the Pulex Squeegee is the professionals choice for window cleaning.

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