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Quick Cuff Connector 2in Hose Female

Quick Overview

  • The Cuff is easliy disconnected with a push of the button while maintaining a tight vacuum seal
  • Quick Cuff connector this is part of a 2 part set with 158-0193
  • Tapered Ends and a short over all body allow this cnnector to work with a real and not snag when pulled across the ground

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Item #: 158-0192  UPC : 669893952874  MPN : AH204



 Available Mid June
This is an obsolete Item

Quick Cuff Connector 2in Hose Thread Female Cuff to  2in Quick Connector Female

Rugged construction and a unique design ensure that twisted hoses and cuff replacements are a thing of the past. 

Additionally, the Quick Cuff both swivels and locks.

You need 2 parts to create a connection use this cuff with the

158-0193 2in Hose Thread to 2in Quick connect plug to connect 2in hose on each side


  • Tight connections reduces the amount of air lost.
  • The Inside diameter of the cuff is the same as that of the hose allowing for smooth air flow.
  • Builtin Swivel Cuff keeps your hoses from tangling.
  • Push-button lock is easy to use but tough and keeps your hoses together
  • Strong connection whether you're going upstairs or around corners.
  • Tapered ends and short length allow the Quick Cuff to fit on the hose reel.