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Titan Green

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Titan Green...

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Item #: 89-54M

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Cleaner and Degreaser
Cleans Everything Washable
The High-Tech Cleaner of the Space Age USDA Approved - Biodegradable Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner

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Super Strength






Titan Green Multipurpose Cleaner is a super-strength concentrate with exceptional cleaning and degreasing ability. It has been proven by millions of sales to commercial, industrial, institutional and residential customers.

These customers include some of the largest organizations --from the US Navy, to leading manufacturers in the aircraft, chemical, petroleum and hospitality industries Plus thousands of smaller companies -- such as machine shops, stores, construction contractors, offices, contract cleaners, automobile and truck retailers, schools, institutions and homes.

Why do so many customers choose Titan Green? Effectiveness, convenience, versatility, safety and environmentally friendly. You simply dilute this powerful concentrate with water to create your own special-purpose cleaners. The utmost in convenience and economy. Titan Green simplifies life and reduces labor.

Besides terrific cleaning performance and convenience. This super-concentrate is also environmentally friendly -- by using it, you significantly reduce packaging trash and the pollution caused by transporting unnecessary water.

Titan Green is biodegradable and USDA approved. It produces spectacular results. Dirt, grease, oil, soot, vegetation and food stains, to name a few, quickly yield to this high-tech cleaner. You an use it on all washable surfaces, including painted parts, walls, floors, machinery, carpets, equipment, vehicles, upholstery, clothing, counters, appliances, walkways, masonry, windows, etc. Titan Green leaves a pleasant fragrance. It rinses extremely clean.

Every business, store, factory or home can benefit from it.

Note to Window Cleaners. Titan Green Multipurpose Cleaner and Degreaser removes sun-baked grease and oil from glass, toughest nicotine stains, fire and smoke stains on fireplace screens, baked grease from restaurant windows, fluorescent light reflectors, lucabond panels and lots more.

A Super Concentrate. You create needed cleaning strength by adding water.
Biodegradable, USDA Approved.
Outstanding Results. Works where other cleaners have failed.
Simplified Dilution Ratio . Four recommended ratios: Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy or Heavy duty strengths.