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Titan Labs Titan Green

Quick Overview

  • Titan Green a concentrated, biodegradable cleaner that works exceptionally well on organic stains including grease, oil, soot, grass, food, blood and pet stains
  • Powerful enough for any washable surface including painted, metal, carpet, upholstery, clothing, masonry and glass.
  • Apply with a pump spray bottle, brush, soft cloth, immersion soak, power scrubber or pressure washer. When the surface is clean rinse thoroughly with lots of clean water.
  • Titan Green offers terrific cleaning performance and convenience, this super-concentrate is also environmentally friendly .

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Titan Green™ Multipurpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Titan Green is a super strength concentrated cleaner with exceptional cleaning ability. 

It cleans everything washable and produces spectacular results. Dirt, grease, oil, soot, vegetation and food stains, to name a few, quickly yield to this high-tech cleaner. 

Use Titan Green™ Multipurpose Cleaner on all washable surfaces, including painted parts, walls, floors, machinery, carpets, equipment, vehicles, upholstery, clothing, counters, appliances, walkways, masonry, windows, etc. 

Titan Green has a pleasant fragrance and rinses extremely clean. 

It has been proven in commercial and industrial use as extremely effective and convenient. 

  • Super Concentrated offering various strengths based upon dilution
  • Biodegradable and safe to the user and the environment.
  • No VOCs, water based cleaner offers an environment friendly cleaner. 
  • Pleasant Fragrance offers bright fresh scent when completed.
  • Versatile Cleaner, clean with a sprayer and cloth, brush, rag or immersion soak. compatible as an ultrasonic cleaner

Mixing Instructions:


For one pint (16oz) of cleaning solution, add 1/4 oz.(1/2 Tablespoonful)
For one gallon (128oz.), add 1 to 2 oz.
For use on hard surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, formica, chalk and marker board,
desks, countertops, automobiles, wet-mop floors etc.

Hints for use:
For Autos and Trucks
Add a few capfuls to your windshield wiper spray reservoir.

Pour an ounce or so into a bucket of water. Work in the shade.

Hose off the car first working from the bottom up. Work in sections.
Wash with Titan Green mixture using a sponge or mitt.

For windows and mirrors, first spray on Light Duty Mix.
Lightly scrub glass with a cloth, sponge, or Strip Washer Squeegee, or wipe dry with a cloth.

For one pint of cleaning solution, add 1 oz.
For one gallon (128 oz.), add 8 oz. Titan Green concentrate to 120 oz. water.
Use for general cleaning as a "spray and wipe" for walls, work counters, carpets, upholstery, car interiors, paint oxidation removal, microwave ovens, venetian blinds, sinks, food stains, industrial work surfaces, airplanes, motorcycles, trucks, fork lifts, etc.
Cleans red clay dust and dirt no other cleaner will remove.
Hints for use:
This is your most common mixture.
Leave the Medium Duty Mix in place for a few minutes to aid in cleaning.
Use a white scrub pad to help the cleaning action.
Cleans red clay dust and dirt no other cleaner will remove.

On carpets and fabrics, let stand a few minutes, then place a clean terry cloth over the stain and tamp with your fist or heel to blot up the stain without spreading it. Rub from the outside of the stain towards the center.

In a bucket, add one part of Titan Green Concentrate to 9 parts of water
About 13 oz Titan Green to a gallon of water.
One cup (8 oz). to 9 cups (2-1/4 qts.) water.

Use for cleaning decks, awnings, oil-stains from asphalt, driveways, walkways. Rinse with water afterwards.
Cleans decks of dirt, soot, grime, food and vegetation stains, restores the appearance.

Hints for use:
For cleaning decks, mix enough to wet the entire deck surlace.
Flood the deck, agitate with a stiff bristled push broom
Rinse with a garden hose.

For Oily Spots
Apply MHD mix to oil stains, agitate with a broom for better results.
Wait a minute or two and rinse with lots of water


For one pint of cleaning solution, add 4 oz Titan Green concentrate to 12 oz water.
For one gallon, add 32 oz Titan Green (one quart) to 3/4 gallon water (3 quarts).
Use for degreasing car engines, airplanes, motorcycles, on whitewall tires and alloy wheels, grill hoods, concrete and asphalt, light wax stripping, grout, fire and smoke damage.

Hints for use:
Ideal as a Laundry presoak.

READY TO USE MIX  Right out of the Bottle at 1 :1
or full strength for heavy duty degreasing, wax stripping, ovens, grills, crayon and heel marks.

Hints for use:

Warm ovens are easier to clean. (Be sure oven is turned off first.)
Leave the Heavy Duty Mix in place for a few minutes before scrubbing.
For wax stripping let stand a few minutes.

Keep a spray bottle of Heavy Duty Mix near your washing machine.
Spray collars, cuffs and stains before washing.
Brush collars with a nail brush, dish brush or toothbrush.

Review of Product by Carl
Absolutely the best cleaner available anywhere!
Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2018

This is not a paid endorsement and I'm receiving nothing for this review. I've been using Titan Green from Titan Laboratories for over 20 years and it has never failed to amaze me how well it works. It's the only product I've ever found that would remove the black marks left by a tire rubbing on paint. It's completely safe to use at full strength right out of the bottle or diluted at a 60 to one rate.... whichever you choose.
Even at full strength, it does not leave any hard-to-rinse-off residue like other cleaners often do. Titan Green will even rinse clean when used to wash our windows.

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