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Unger Brush nLite Radius Green for Euro Water Fed poles

Quick Overview

  • Radius shape for larger surfaces and angled bristles for sills
  • Super light waterfed brush with multiple jet connections for interchangeable jets
  • One set of pencil jets included

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Item #: 66-22M

$110.80 - $118.86

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This is an obsolete Item

Lightweight for a 16 inch bilevel brush it features high quality polyester bristles designed to get into the corners and help with the scrubbing actions.
The Radius Brush - is designed to allow you to keep the bristles on the glass at a variety of angles as you use the waterfed pole at different hights, also the Radius helps you clean the sills by putting brushes where you need them.

Most conventional brushes only have fixed jets, the nLite supports moveable jets and offers postions for multiple jets in different positions.

When purchased from J.Racenstein, this nLite brush will arrive with 4 quick release pencil jets (2 Euro Size Jets and 2 Medium Flow Jets) and has been adapted by adding in push fit connectors to allow this nLite brush to fit most standard waterfed poles with Euro sized hoses.

This brush arrives Setup to allow use of 2 Pencil Jets at a time additional connectors will be required to run more that 2 jets at once.



  • Brush
  • 2 small pencil jets and yello connector hose with T barb
  • 2 medium pencil jets with yellow connector hose and pushfit T connector
  • 1 adaptor for Yellow to Black Euro Hose size.

Jet Positions: 5 on each side of brush. Bi-Level (Radial Shaped)