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Vacuum Wet/Dry 3 Motor (no hose)

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The Titanus is ideal for use with gutter cleaning systems requiring a high-performance, high-capacity vacuum suitable for both wet and dry debris. It ...

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Item #: 158-011  MPN : 68338A



 Available Late May
This is an obsolete Item

The Titanus is ideal for use with gutter cleaning systems requiring a high-performance, high-capacity vacuum suitable for both wet and dry debris. It is ideal for high volume water recovery by firms providing disaster recovery services. The high airflow generated by the three two stage tangential motors mounted in parallel makes the Titanus ideal for cleaning of elevated surfaces complimenting elevated systems produced under the Reach, Skyvac, and Space Vac brands. The heavy-duty commercial tilt cart is designed to take on external applications like gutter cleaning where the vacuum needs to move over uneven ground or other surfaces which demand exceptional durability. The 2” tangential intake aids vacuum performance and acceptance of all types of 2” commercial grade hoses ensures that large debris doesn’t cause down time due to clogs in the hose or at the point of entry into the vacuum. The Titanus is great for commercial plants or warehouse facilities of all types requiring a reliable highly maneuverable commercial vacuum to be used in both dry and wet-dry application. Its rugged design makes it ideal for use by commercial stone and concrete cutting companies where generators are used to provide remote location power.

Meets OSHA Crystalline Silica Rule 29 CFR 1926.1153

  • The 68338A is a 120V industrial grade high volume commercial wet-dry vacuum featuring three tangential discharge two stage motors in parallel. The motors can be individually powered permitting the use of one, two, or three motors as required by the application. The vacuum produces 95 inches of water lift and up to 280 CFM of airflow when all three motors are operating. The 20-gallon stainless bin has a 2” tangential intake which helps support the higher airflow that enters the tank under a metal cone which promotes cyclonic separation of heavier debris adding life to the high performance cartridge filter.

  • The 68338A’s comes with a 2” steel hose end for used with all types of 2” commercial vacuum hose. The steel hose end fits to the cast metal intake, is secured with a spring release for easy connection assuring a lifetime of reliable use in commercial application

  • The 68338A 20-gallon capacity stainless steel bin is mounted on a steel trolley with heavy duty commercial casters for easy maneuvering. The tilt trolley permits the bin to be tilted for easy emptying of the bin when full. A one meter (three foot) heavy duty grounded electric lead. The shorter cord reduces the risk of cord damage and down time. You can use the heavy duty cord with an appropriate extension cord for general use, avoiding the machines cord from being damaged, which can be very costly. It is recommended that a heavy duty (10 gauge) commercial extension cord be used to prevent damage and preserve the life of the vacuum motors.

  • The 68338A Titanus has a heavy-duty metal cyclonic cone which helps control heavy debris and water at intake. The tangential intake enters the bin outside the metal cone helping to protect the pleated cartridge filter intended for dry application use from heavy debris. Removing the cartridge filter and replacing it with a sponge filter quickly converts the Titanus to wet-dry use.

Operating at 68dB (A) the Titanus is remarkable quiet for such a powerful vacuum. An mBar gauge is mounted below the three independent motor switches to confirm that the vacuum head and cyclonic cone are properly fitted and the vacuum is operating at optimum efficiency.