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Wash Sprayer 110V for Houses, Siding, Buildings, Decks, Fences. Autos

Quick Overview

  • Wash Houses, Decks, Fences, Autos
  • Draw your Detergent mix from the Bucket
  • Leaves your Garden Hose free for Rinsing
  • Perfect Power and Volume for Washing
  • Replaceable Tips offer Flexible Spraying Power

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Wash Sprayer cleans a wide variety of surfaces

Wash Sprayer cleans a wide variety of surfaces

Wash Sprayer draws your detergent mix from the bucket. Spray the mix directly onto the building, deck, fence or vehicle.

Powerful enough for a deep cleaning without harming the underlying surface. Using the fan spray clean Siding, Desk, Fences, Cars, Trucks and Vans.

Use a Fan Spray with a Wood Cleaner to spruce up your deck.

Use the Wash Sprayer to clean patio areas and furniture prior to sanitizer spraying.

The perfectly sized for easy movement around the worksite, it weighs just 21lbs  and is especially easy to store being toolbox sized at just 18in long by 11in  wide and 12in in tall. 

The pressure unit includes a pressure gauge to understand the pressure with different tips and a well placed on-off switch to allow for quick on and off while cleaning.

The included foamer attachment allows you to add an additional chemical to the mix at the tip for specialty cleaning of many surfaces including Mold, Mildew, Rust on building or hard surfaces or when cleaning auto wheels it makes removing Brake Dust using the right chemicals easy and quick.

The Pressure Hose is 26ft long to allow efficient cleaning of a variety projects. 


Flow Rate:   1.72 Gallons per Minute

Max Pressure:    1,700 PSI

Size:   18in long x 11in wide x 12in High

Power:    10V   - 14 amps

Inlet Hose Length:   6 feet with Filter 

Outlet Hose Length:   26ft

Warranty: 90 Days

Tips Included:    0 Degree, 15 Degree,  25 Degree,  

Accessory:      Foamer Attachment

Foamer attachment with right chemistry offers a even application of many detergents.

To use the washer effectively review these tip sizes for your expected cleaning applications 

Tip Sizes and Pressure

  • 1,700 PSI - Tip Size 2.5      (included)  Cleaning Hard Surfaces 
      • Remove bugs from Chrome Bumpers
      • Cleaning Concrete, Brick, Stone
  • 1,200 PSI - Tip Size 3.0       Cleaning Painted Surfaces
  • 1,000 PSI - Tip Size 3.5       Cleaning Wood Decks, Fences 
  •   750 PSI - Tip Size  4.0        Cleaning Vinyl , Patio Furniture
  •   450 PSI - Tip Size 5.0         Cleaning Stucco, Dryvit, Specialty Metals 
  •   250 PSI - Tip Size 6.5         Cleaning Soft Materials Cushions, Umbrellas
  •   100 PSI - Tip Size 10          Soap/Detergent Application