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Wood Restore 1 gal

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Quick Overview

Wood Restore is a leave-in wood conditioner that is applied after the final softwash rinse. Wood Restore neutralizes bleach, brightens wood, protects wood with an anti-microbial, light sealer and UV block. Treat untreated wood with Wood Restore semiannually to help protect against wood destroying organisms and extend the service life of the wood product.

Put 1 gallon of Wood Restore in 7 gallon Tote
Add 6 gallons of water

Then on the Clever
Set Mix Ring to 15% - This will provide a 2 oz per gallon Mix
Set Mix Ring to 8% for a 1 oz per gallon Mix

(For wood restore the mix would be between 8% to 15% on the mix ring)

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Wood Restore Conditions Wood
Bleach in some cases can dry the wood just like soaps can dry your skin. Wood Restore acts as a leave in conditioner moisturizing the wood and providing precious oils to the wood, extending the service life of the wood product.

Wood Restore Protects Against Sun Damage
The biggest culprit in drying and colorloss in wood is the sun. The sun?s rays contain ultra violet rays (UV) that damage wood fibersat the cellular level. Wood Restore contains a UV inhibitor that penetrates the wood and remains behind much like sunblock on your skin.

The next biggest agent of damage forwood products are wood destroying organisms (WDO?s). Wood Restore contains antimicrobial properties that create an uninviting environment for these microbes driving them away from the woods surface.


*Apply green wash first then rinse with Wood Restore after.

Mix Ratios: Add 1 oz. of Wood Restore to 1 Gallon of Water, increase dosage per gallon for improved moisturizing levels.