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ProTool Clever Spayer Parts List Item # : 890-006

Spare parts for ProTool Clever Spayer Parts List

BUILD - ProTool Clever Spayer Body

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Clever Injector with install kit890-005ProTool D3RE25IEVVF$1,921.95Place Order
Housing Sediment Filter 10in 3/4FPT150-001J.Racenstein FH4200BL34PR$23.70Place Order
Filter Sediment Insert 9-7/8in grooved150-002J.Racenstein MBG-25098-05$9.30Place Order
Filter 3/4in 30 Mesh SS Black Housing74-2216J.Racenstein LSTM075-30$26.90Place Order
Nipple 3/4 Poly74-2217J.Racenstein G2862632$2.00Place Order
Elbow 3/4 Street 9074-2218J.Racenstein SL075-90$4.65Place Order
Eye Bolt SS 1/2in x 1 1/2in74-8198$34.55Place Order
Hose Barb 90deg 1/2in M Thread X 3/4in74-8116J.Racenstein HB050/075-90$2.00Place Order
Check Valve 1/2in fpt74-8195J.Racenstein 22210$15.20Place Order
Connect 3/4in Female QC 1/2in mpt74-8151J.Racenstein 75B1/2$16.50Place Order
Adapter 3/4in x 3/4in GH Female Thread74-8152J.Racenstein GHFT075A$7.10Place Order
Elbow Pushfit 10MM150-299J.Racenstein 6302-10-00WP2$9.10Place Order
Tubing 10mm OD 8mm ID Polyethylene150-4781J.Racenstein 012918$0.90Place Order
Hose 3/4in Clear Braid MGH to FGH 24in150-03431$13.70Place Order
Hose 3/4in ClearBraid MGHT to M pip 24in150-03432$15.25Place Order
Coupler 3/4in x 3/4in GH Female Thread74-8156J.Racenstein GHFT075D$14.00Place Order
Adapter 3/4in Male x 3/4in npt Female74-81571J.Racenstein 75A3/4$6.00Place Order
Coupler 3/4in Fm QC x 3/4in Fm Thrd Banj74-8158J.Racenstein 075D$13.75Place Order
Valve Banjo 3/4in74-8160J.Racenstein SUV075FP$20.10Place Order
Fitting M GH to 3/4in MNPT & 1/2in FNPT150-124J.Racenstein 19AF-12DE$7.85Place Order
4 Tip Chem SS Nozzle 0030 0050 2530 255074-5991J.Racenstein 30 50 Pencill-25.Fan$48.40Place Order
Wand ProTool Clever Sprayer 18in PVC Lance890-008J.Racenstein 890-0067$23.20Place Order
Hose 1/2in 50ft Clear Braided150-03421J.Racenstein 02-1697$49.25Place Order