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The vast majority of window cleaning is pretty basic; dirty glass is easily cleaned using water, a glass cleaner, a scrubber (washer sleeve), and a squeegee. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon your perspective), mineral deposits, residue and other forms of pollutants are more stubborn, and don't simply wash away using this method. More serious tools are commonly used to remove these tougher problems and make the Window Cleaner look like a star.

Most people don't realize that glass is not actually perfectly smooth; if it was it would be easy to remove most forms of dirt. Glass surfaces are pitted with microscopic indentations and this allows solids to bond to the surface. Fortunately for you, a variety of chemicals can be used to rid glass of even the most stubborn deposits. Here is a list of the types of dirt and damage you will come up against, and some of the tools you can use to restore the glass to almost new condition.

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