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Water Fed Cleaning

At J.Racenstein you can shop Water Fed Poles, Purification Systems, DIY RODI Kits, Electric Rotary Brushers, Water Fed Kits, Replacement Filters and Housing from the leading brands in cleaning industry like Ettore, Gardiner pole systems, Pulex, and many more.

Water Fed cleaning with Pure Water offers great results while working from the ground.

Water Fed Cleaning

Water fed cleaning tools and kits play are professionals choice when it comes to cleaning large facilities, skyscrapers, condos, pools, backyards, you name it these water fed equipments are always a value add. 

Ettore, Gardiner pole systems, IPC Eagle, J.Racenstein, Moerman, PressurePro, Protool, Pulex, RHG, Spring, Unger, Tucker Manufacturing and many more you name it all the possible brands that provide water fed solutions and you can shop them at one stop which is J.Racenstein - The Industry Leader in Cleaning Supplies for Professionals Since 1909.

Water Fed Poles, Purification Systems, DIY Rods Kits, Electric Rotary Brushers, Water Fed Kits, Replacement Filters and Housing are some of these water fed solutions you will always find missing to add to your arsenal.

DIY RODI components gives you the flexibility to customize and setup water purification modules as per individual requirement. RODI provided kits are for those of you who prefer to implement the components needed for pure water cleaning into your premises. "RODI DIY System with 40in Filters Kits with a 4in x 40in RO Membrane" is a great kit to obtain Pure Water is created by removing the sediments and total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water.

Another tool you will find handy is the "Gardiner X3 Xtreme Water Fed Pole HM Carbon" has a max extension of 80 feet. It is highly modulus, newly improved features, ideal for commercial work. It has insulated base handle and anti-pinching smart clamps.