Best Value in Quality Professional Replacement Rubber

The rubber sheet in close contact with the glass is clearly one of the key parts for a good squeegee. Our goal in these 15 years has been to develop a material capable of ensuring optimum performance on our plates in all conditions. Natural rubber has allowed us to obtain these results, the study of rubber and the knowledge of its characteristics has given us the opportunity to make a product with physical and mechanical performance at the top on the market.

We perform multiple tests on the raw material. This testing of the products includes durability testing, elongate and rubber quality that allow us to guarantee the highest quality blades. This effort assures that the Professionalsqueegees Rubber mixture achieves the highest quality and best cleaning results.
  • Hard RubberHard Rubber

    Hard Rubber by Professionalsqueegees is capable of delivering optimal performance on glass in all conditions. Natural rubber delivers the best results.

  • Soft RubberSoft Rubber

    Soft Natural rubber by Professionalsqueegees stays in close contact to glass and is a high quality blade that is resistant to elongation and wears well with no streaks.

"I have used Professionalsqueegees rubber and loved it! It is the same or better quality than most other brands I have tried."

—Logan Wilder, Crystal Clear Window Cleaning

"Switched to Professionalsqueegees rubber around a year ago and have been more than happy with the performance of their squeegee blades. Consistent results every time and long lasting rubber is what i have been getting from them with every batch. And the price cannot be beat. If you are using one of the major brands, I suggest you seriously try them out. You will not be disappointed."

—Brian Velarde, Kleensees Window Cleaning