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J. Racenstein Co

J. Racenstein Co




About J Racenstein

The LEADER since 1909





Our Team:


Our dedicated team of professionals are here to serve your needs. Our team is a mix of industry professionals, experienced trainers, and customer service representatives to give you the white glove experience. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, customer service, and our ability to service the industry with the best quality products and services.



Our Locations:


New Jersey:

New Jersey Office




Our Competitive Advantage:



J Racenstein is constantly investing in modern and cutting edge technologies to stay ahead of the constantly evolving industry. With automated carousels, business intelligence and shipping logistics, we are constantly improving to provide the best experience and fastest service. 

Fast Delivery:

With automatic carousels at both location and fully integrated shipping logistics, your order often ships the same same day. With two locations on each side of the U.S. we can ship your orders faster than anyone in the industry. 


Our two warehouses are fully stocked with thousands of products. We stock more products than anyone else in the industry. More in stock items means faster shipment and fewer delays.


The Exterior Building Cleaning industry is constantly evolving. We keep up-to-date with current and upcoming industry safety standards and regulations. We offer free online how-to guides, safety guidance and expert advice. We also offer in person classes and training seminars. We've been supporting the industry, and you, since 1909.

Safety Guidance:

Our safety experts search the world over to find the best equipment to meet and current and upcoming safety standards. We carry the best safety gear for your needs. 

Easy Ordering:

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can assist you with more hours than ever before. Our office in California is open from 9 am to 3pm PST and the East Rutherford, New Jersey office is open from 8am to 5pm EST. The phones ring in both locations, that means you can talk to a live person on the East Coast up to 7pm, and you can order on the West Coast as early as 5am. These extended hours are planned so you can attend to your business or family, and still place can order with us.

Of course you can order online 24 hours a day.

You can shop online or fax your order to (201) 348-1385 anytime, day or night. Click here for a printable order form. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards

An Interesting piece of history

J. Racenstein has been a steadfast industry leader for over 110 years. Not many companies can say that. "In 1921, Ettore Steccone moved from Italy to California and became a window cleaner... He began tinkering with ideas in the garage behind his home, and eventually created the modern T-type squeegee that is still used today. It was made of brass so it was lighter than the Chicago Squeegee, and after researching the best choice of rubber, his product featured a rubber blade. In 1936, he patented the squeegee as the “New Deal.”

After approaching and being turned down by several window cleaning supply companies, Ettore headed to New York to see the biggest supplier of them all – George Racenstein (Joe’s son)... He offered a proposal that Racenstein could not pass up. Ettore bet “the finest hat in New York” that George Racenstein would call Ettore within 30 days, asking to put the new squeegee in his catalog. Racenstein took the bet.

Ettore, however, had a secret strategy. He figured that the only way to get people to try his new squeegee was to give them away, so he shared them with his window-cleaning friends. The deal was they could use them, but only if they would call George Racenstein and ask him to put the new squeegees in his catalog. Did it work? Let’s just say the “finest hat in New York” still graces the foyer of the Ettore."

If you want to hear a great interview featuring Steve Blyth, the President of J.Racenstein, check out the latest upload to the Structured To Grow Youtube channel where Brad Williams takes a deep dive into what makes this 100+ year old company tick.