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Pure Water

We provide Purification Systems from brands like Ettore, IPC Eagle, Protool, Pulex, Spring, Unger, etc. for the purpose of water fed cleaning. These items are handpick to provide our users with best in the industry experience while purifying and prove to be useful.

In-Line 12v Pump Pressure Switch for 1/2in Hose (not assembled kit improves your switch capacity, longevity. Chose your set points for pressure and extend the life of your pump. Reduce the need for an accumulator and Brass Housing, 1/4in male pipe thread connection.

Controller Pump 10 Amp with Short Range Remote Control, controls 12v Pumps up to 2 Gallons per Minute. Offers precision control over pump speed and water flow. Remote Control Fob offers 2 Pump Speeds along with On/Off and Improved Pump and Battery Life. It turns off pump at low battery voltage to protect battery life.

Pump Controller V16 HC WFP Link Long Range Remote Control 35amp 12v controller is Large Pump Capable - 3 to 7 Gallon Per Minute and to 35 amps 12v. Long Range Remote Control with Smart Phone integration for High Current load applications. Controls your water flow accurately, dependably and extends Battery and Pump Life. Set the flow you want on the controller, and Remote control.

ECO Cart RODI 40in RO w/50ft Supermax Water Purification Membrane offers great water flow Easy to Replace Carbon and DI Filters. It has a Large DI Resin Cartridge is Refillable Stainless Steel RO Housing. Water Fed Pole is made of High Modulus Carbon with 3K Wrap. Can use the 3K Triple Extension Pack #10-12 or 1,2 or 3 Standard Modular Extension #10 to extend length to 65ft for 6 storys.

Resin DI Cubic foot - New Virgin Resin is used for Water Purification for Spot Free Cleaning. Mixed Bed Resin designed for removing the Calcium, Magnesium and other metallic contaminants in the water that dry as hard water stains on the surface and the treated water that results from being treated by DI resin will dry spot free. Used to treat water to 0 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and used to perform the final spot free rinse on many surfaces. Treated Water is used to Spotfree Rinse Windows, Auto, RVs, Boats, Tractor Trailers, Marble, Granite, when used on Carpet and Upholstery it offers a soft plush feel to the material.

HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage Replacement Resin (3 Pack) is a convenient handle allows you to swap bags with ease. Longest lasting pure water system with 30% more pure water output. It cleans up to five stories safely from the ground with a local water source and no ladders! FastLock Opening for easy and quick opening and locking of the filter. Safe, self locking mechanism features a pressure release valve. This is a set of 3 Resin Cartridges - All Green Style.

Dual UserRODI Tank System - Fill n Go, by RHG Products are truck mount spot-free water systems have been engineered specifically for the window cleaner. Features include an industry best 1:1 recovery rate. That means less down the drain and more RO water for your application. Also features Tucker's serviceable housings and integrated quick connect fittings. 2 pumps: Boost pump, increases production into the tank, rated 5.3 gpm output, at 90 psi at the bypass; Delivery pump pushes water up the hose, rated 1.4 gpm, at 100 psi.

Tucker Hand Carry DI System is designed for those looking for the ultimate in portability in their TuckerĀ® DI syste, the Hand Carry DI is lightweight and easy to handle. Designed for low TDS areas or for the occasional usage. Simply hook up the inlet of the system to your tap water supply and the output to your TuckerĀ® water fed pole. As the water flows throught the system the filter removes all of the minerals in the water supply. You can replace the DI filter with a ready to use replacement filter or you can purchase bulk DI resin and refill yourself for far less. Comes with the following: (1) Hand Carry DI System (1) Virgin Resin DI Filter (1) Hand Held TDS meter for checking water quality (1) Wrench for opening the System and changing DI filter.