ProTool Stick Gallon

 ProTool Stick is used with sodium hypochlorite (SH) and water to clean mold, dirt, and mildew stains from surfaces. ProTool Stick allows the cleaning solution to dwell on the roof, house siding, fencing or patio deck to effect a quick and powerful clean. Use 48oz to create a 50 gallon batch, Yields 2.5 qty, 50-gallon batches per gallon at about $6.25 a batch.

This product is lemon scented and is safe on copper. 

Item Code: 83-01
Weight: 8.00LB
CATEGORIES: ProTool Stick Roof Detergent



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Product Description

1% House Mix for Siding via Downstreaming or X-Jet
Add 10 oz. to each gallon of SH in the draw bucket (for downstreamer or X-Jet that is a 1 to 10 or 10% mix rate - add 40 oz. of Stick to 4 gal. of SH in your Draw Bucket).No Water is added to the Draw Bucket.

(Water to Product to 10% SH)
1 % Mix for General Cleaning - 44 gal. : 48 oz. : 5 gal. 2% Mix for Medium Mold/ Mildew - 39 gal. : 48 oz. : 10 gal. 3% Mix for Roof Wash - 34 gal. : 48 oz. : 15 gal. 4% Mix for H D Roof Wash/ Heavy Mold/ Mildew - 29 gal. : 48 oz. : 20 gallons
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