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Bucket Super Complete Ettore

Quick Overview

  • Grabs bucket at edges nice and tight without being annoying to get on.
  • When you snap the corners down tight it makes a great seal.
  • Lid for 6 Gallon Pro Reactangular Bucket
  • Easy to carry when bucket is full

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Item #: 20-115

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This is an obsolete Item

Bucket Super Complete Ettore

Ettore's New and Improved bucket comes complete with handle, casters, lid and handover sieve. 

This 6 gallon bucket accommodates an 18" strip washer. 19x10x10 

 This new version Super Bucket will not accommodate any accessories from the original Super bucket except for the handle.

Item Code:20-115

This Kit includes the items below:

20-116 - Bucket Super w/Handle Ettore (Qty:1)
21-120 - Bucket Super Lid Ettore (Qty:1)
21-121 - Bucket Super Caster (1) Ettore (Qty:4)
21-123 - Bucket Super Sieve Ettore (Qty:1)
Your Price: $
Original Price: $72.80