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HiFlow upgrade kit for Gardiner Poles

Quick Overview

  • More Water flow is the current trend in large commercial and Solar panel cleaning
  • This kit will upgrade your current Gardiner pole form standard water fed flow to High Flow

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HiFlow upgrade kit for Gardiner Poles

Upgrade your Gardiner pole to a high-performance cleaning machine with our comprehensive HiFlow Conversion Kit. Specifically designed for large commercial glass and solar panel cleaning, this kit provides everything you need to enhance your flow setup for faster and more efficient cleaning.

Key Features of the Kit:

High-Flow Hose: Includes a 100ft Hi-Flo hose with a 1/4in internal diameter and 7/16in outer diameter, ensuring a steady and strong water flow for efficient cleaning.

Precision Jet Capsules: Equipped with four 3mm Green Pencil Jet Capsules, this kit enables precise and powerful water jets, perfect for dislodging dirt and grime.

Easy-to-Use Angle Adapter: A QuicK-LoQ Resi-Neck Angle Adaptor is included for easy adjustment and maneuverability of your cleaning brush.

Convenient T Fittings: Two Gardiner T Fittings Push Fit 2 Way are part of the kit, allowing for easy and secure hose connections.

Efficient Water Distribution: The kit features a Wye 3/8 to (2) 5/16 Divider for effective water flow division, ensuring that water reaches all parts of your brush.

Versatile Hose Adapter: A 3/8 Pole Hose to Garden Hose Adaptor is included, making it easy to connect your pole system to a standard garden hose.


Large Surface Cleaning: Ideal for cleaning large commercial glass surfaces and solar panels, offering a quicker and more thorough cleaning process.

Enhanced Water Flow: The high-flow setup provided by this kit means more water at the brush, resulting in faster and more effective cleaning.

Easy Conversion: This kit is perfect for upgrading your standard Gardiner pole setup to a high-flow system without the need for complex modifications.

Why Choose Our HiFlow Conversion Kit?

Our HiFlow Conversion Kit is specifically tailored to enhance the capabilities of your Gardiner pole, making it a formidable tool for large-scale commercial cleaning tasks. With easy installation and high-quality components, this kit is an invaluable upgrade for any professional cleaning service.

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This Kit includes the items below:

157-4045 - T Fitting Push Fit 2 Way Gardiner (Qty:2)
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