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In-Line 12v Pressure Switch SS not assembled kit

Quick Overview

  • Improve your switch capacity, longevity
  • Chose your set points for pressure
  • Extend the life of your pump
  • Reduce the need for an Accumulator
  • Stainless Steel Switch Housing, Push Fit Connection

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In-Line 12v Pressure Switch SS not assembled kit

In-Line 12v Pressure Switch Stainless Steel Kit 

For 1/2in Hose  and 12v pumps to 28amps

Shown Assembled, this Kit is the individual components for assembly when you receive them .

Control your water pump or soft wash spray pump with this external pressure switch.

Choose from two Switches with the following settings.

  • 55 PSI Open (off) and 45 PSI Close (On)

This Switch is ON until the pressure rises to 55 PSI, then it turns the pump on until pressure falls to 45 PSI


Find a convenient place in your output hose to cut the hose

Insert the Tee of this kit into the line and clamp with the hose clamps

Run the Red Positive Wire that is used to power your pump to one side of this switch and run a wired from the other side to your pump

This Kit includes the items below:

150-3193 - Tee Poly 1/2in FPT x 1/2in Barb (Qty:1)
150-1152 - Clamp SS for 3/4in Hose each (Qty:2)

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Original Price: $32.05