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ProTool Cleanse All 4 Gallon Case

Quick Overview

  • Effectively cleans gutters, siding, aluminum, painted surfaces, and vinyl.
  • Gentle on surfaces, ensuring safety for various materials commonly found in homes.
  • Eliminates the risk of harmful reactions when used with bleach; provides a safe alternative.
  • Wont leave residue or damage surfaces; suitable for painted surfaces and vinyl.
  • Important instruction to avoid product drying on surfaces for optimal results.

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ProTool Cleanse All 4 Gallon Case

Cleanse All - House, Building, siding and Gutter Cleaner - 4 Gallon Case

Cleanse All a specialized cleaner designed to remove oxidation and soil buildup without the need for mechanical brushing. It is formulated to effectively clean various surfaces, particularly those prone to oxidation, such as metals, plastics, and painted surfaces. Here's a description of CLEANSE ALL:

CLEANSE ALL is a brushless house and siding soil and oxidation cleaner that offers a convenient and efficient solution for tackling stubborn stains, oxidation, and accumulated dirt on a range of surfaces. It is designed to dissolve and lift oxidation and soil from Siding and gutters without requiring the use of mechanical brushing or scrubbing.

One of the primary applications of CLEANSE ALL is in the restoration and maintenance of metal surfaces, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. It effectively removes tarnish, corrosion, and other signs of oxidation, restoring the metal's original appearance and shine.

CLEANSE ALL can be used on various other materials such as plastics and painted surfaces. It helps remove stubborn dirt, grime, and stains that have built up over time, leaving the surfaces clean and refreshed.

To use CLEANSE ALL, it is typically applied directly to the affected area. The cleaner penetrates the oxidation or soil, breaking it down for easy removal. Depending on the severity of the oxidation or soil, it may require some dwell time for the cleaner to work effectively. Afterward, the surface is rinsed with water to remove the dissolved contaminants.

It is commonly used in various cleaning tasks, including metal roofs, automotive, marine, aviation, and general maintenance, where the removal of oxidation and soil buildup is crucial for maintaining the appearance and functionality of surfaces.

Please note that specific usage instructions, safety precautions, and recommended application on various surfaces may vary depending on the porosity, orientation and accumulated build up.

CLEANSE ALL. It is always advisable to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and test a small area to get optimal results and safe use.

Do not use on unpainted metal surfaces.

Do not apply to a surface that is more than 115 degrees F., if the surface is hot, cools the surface with water before application

Best results are above 45 degrees and below 96 degrees F.

Test and area before tackling the entire work area.

During testing, evaluate your Dwell time for effective cleaning.

 Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on the surface


Mix Ratio is from 1 to 20 (5% solution for light duty cleaning and up to 1 to 10 (10% Solution) for heavy accumulation.

1) Wet down the are to be cleaned, do not allow the water to pool or accumulate, just moisten the surface

2) Apply with a down stream injector attached to a pressure washer or premixed and tank spray with a low pressure sprayer.

3) Two applications of the cleaner are recommended, don't rinse between the applications

4) For best results allow the product to Dwell for period, Then rinse with a pressure washer using a Fan Tip,  use a larger tip than your pressure washer rating to reduce the pressure out the the pressure washer and allow a faster rinse of the surface. (Do not use a red Tip)

Mix Ratios:

Gutters and Down Spouts - 4:1

Oxidation Removal - 10:1

Tough stains – 10:1

Medium stains - 20:1

Light stains - 50:1

Safety Precautions

Wear Eye Protection and when ventilation is limited use a an approved Respirator. 

Do not allow direct contact with your skin or eyes.

Do not remove the label from the container, keep the SDS with the product. 

Only mix with Water, do not mix with other chemicals

Hazmat Shipping Reference UN3266

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