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ProTool Housing Stainless Steel with 40in DI Cartridge

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  • Di Resin 40in Housing and insert Kit, Pure Water DI Resin kit for Water Purification
  • Kit includes Stainless Steel housing, DI Resin Insert (Refillable) and plumbing to attach to a Garden Hose

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Item #: 150-0102

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ProTool Housing Stainless Steel with 40in DI Cartridge

 Ready to use 40in DI Resin Filter System in Stainless Steel Housing

Includes the 40in SS Housing, DI Resin Insert and all the associated pumbling parts to be able to connect inline to a Garden Hose

The DI Resin Inesrt in Refillable 

This Kit includes the items below:

150-010 - DI Filter insert 40in (Qty:1)
150-708g - Male Connector NPTF 1/2 x 1/2 (Qty:4)
150-1740 - Plug 1/2in Male NPT Black HDPE (Qty:2)
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Original Price: $322.60